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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamMarch 4, 2021 6:00 AM

Whether your marketing is in need of a rock solid foundation or if you've plateaued and want to give your marketing a little rocket fuel,  look no further.  DMA's line of essential marketing services are built to provide quick and affordable solutions to help fresh food marketers get results for their brands. Here's what you need to know...

Essential Marketing Activities Your Brand Needs Now

1. Press Release Creation, Distribution & Reporting

You have an important story to tell. The problem is you don’t have the media connections, staff of writers or time to develop a newsworthy and attention-capturing press release. 

The DMA Solutions Public Relations team specializes in industry and national lifestyle media. We know how to tell your brand or product story and who to tell it to, with the goal of increasing awareness and more importantly - your sales!

Visit the page HERE to learn more. 


2. Website Audit & Recommended Strategy

Your website is one of the most important communication tools for your brand. Without a strategically designed website you could be missing out on the opportunity to capture important data and missed sales opportunities.

The team at DMA Solutions has years of experience creating websites that follow best practices to attract the right audiences, and that get the results our clients want.

Visit the page HERE to learn more. 


3. Influencer Strategy & Plan

Partnering with influencers helps grow your brand awareness and reach, builds credibility and trust and provides you with fresh and relevant content. Are you effectively partnering with influencers to drive impactful results for your brand? 

Our team of experts is here to help you manage current influencers or develop an effective influencer plan from scratch.

Visit the page HERE to learn more. 


4. Messaging Guide Creation

Telling your brand story in a thoughtful and compelling way to your audience can be challenging. But the reality is, without a cohesive and compelling story, or brand message, your marketing efforts aren’t living up to their full potential. 

Our team of experts believes in the power of unique storytelling. Our Messaging Guides are a written document that will act as a roadmap and checklist for all your future marketing efforts.

Visit the page HERE to learn more. 

5. Recipe Development & Photography

Your brand and products are unique. Don’t settle for generic stock photography or overpriced product shots to fulfill your visual needs. DMA Solutions is here to help with our custom recipe development and photography services. Stand-out, authentically represent your brand, and differentiate yourself from the competition with this customizable service.

Visit the page HERE to learn more. 


6. Social Media Assessment & 2-Month Content Plan

Navigating social media effectively for your brand is hard. You know that social media is an ever-changing, but absolutely necessary tool for every brand. It allows you to communicate with your audience where they spend most of their time online. Our team can help grow your audience, and make sure that you're communicating with them effectively.

Visit the page HERE to learn more.


Ready to get started or want to learn more?  Peruse these six essential services and book a meeting with our marketing experts to talk about how we can help - affordably and quickly.

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