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Kendra Knieriem

Kendra Knieriem

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How to Best Utilize Social Media at Fresh Summit

Posted by Kendra Knieriem on October 5, 2018 2:10 PM

It’s hard to believe the 2018 Fresh Summit Convention + Expo has almost arrived! Before you pack your bags and head down to Orlando, make sure you... Read More


The Dos and Don’ts of Promoting Events on Social Media

Posted by Kendra Knieriem on August 10, 2018 3:46 PM

We have spent a lot of time telling you the different types of content you should feature on your social platforms and we often recommend showcasing... Read More


The Importance of “Social Listening”

Posted by Kendra Knieriem on July 20, 2018 6:17 PM

The social media world is a constant competition of a variety of pieces of content all jammed into a person’s screen. From brands to personal... Read More


Live Video 101 for Marketers

Posted by Kendra Knieriem on July 13, 2018 5:24 PM

There’s no doubt that live video on social media is “in.”  In fact, 82% of viewers say they prefer live video to social media posts. As marketers, we... Read More


Integrating Influencers into Your Brand’s Social Media Marketing

Posted by Kendra Knieriem on June 12, 2018 6:34 PM

Influencer marketing is a hot topic and it’s easy to see why; we have seen the incredible results that influencers of any size can bring to brands in... Read More


What We Learned about Social Media from the 2018 Social Shake-Up Conference

Posted by Kendra Knieriem on May 23, 2018 5:00 AM

In the ever evolving world of social media, it is critical to always continue learning. Algorithms change, additional features get released, and new... Read More

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