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HubSpot recently published their annual Marketing Strategy & Trends Report for 2023, including great insights for fresh produce marketers! We're sharing what we think is most important and the top three marketing trends you need to capitalize on in 2023.
Thanksgiving is all about friends, family, football, and feeling way too full! As we pull out the stretchy pants and fire up the ovens in anticipation of every foodie's favorite fall holiday, food marketers can prep their websites and social channels knowing these fun Thanksgiving facts. 
From first contact to the payment for the first post in a partnership, we average 32 email exchanges with an influencer from start to finish. The bulk of this communication happens on the front end, even before we present partnership recommendations to our clients. To help you streamline the vetting process, here’s a list of questions we like to ask influencers!
It's officially September, which means the clock is counting down toward IFPA's Global Floral & Produce Show on October 27. To help you prepare, we compiled a checklist of last-minute things to consider before this much-anticipated conference commences. Get your red pen ready, and start checking off boxes!
With a large portion of the world navigating a heat wave this summer, the cool breeze from the Pacific was just what the doctor ordered for two DMAers seeking to beat the summer heat. That's why last week, we did not walk, we ran to catch our flight to Monterey, California in search of cool weather, delicious food, and camaraderie. 
The back-to-school season poses a huge opportunity for those of us in the fresh produce industry as shoppers get back into the routine of making lunches for their kids every day. In fact, according to Pinterest Trends, searches for terms related to back-to-school preparation tend to skyrocket in August. Discover how to get an A+ on your back-to-school marketing campaign!
These days, influencers cover everything - from food and fitness to fashion and beauty, so you're sure to find an influencer partner that is a perfect fit for your brand. While there are endless options available, today we're diving into five different types of influencer partners to get you started on your search. 
When done right, great storytelling will cut through the noise, get the attention of your potential shoppers or customers, and more importantly, grow your business. If your audience can't tell what you do at first glance, odds are, you are missing an opportunity to connect. Here are 5 common storytelling mistakes made by marketers!
Creating a document spanning 6 to 12 months with creative pitch angles is a valuable tool to have in your public relations arsenal to ensure you’re receiving press year-round, new product or not. Here are our top three tips for creating your own media plan to successfully share news about your brand.
While more and more companies have started to embrace public relations, there are still a lot of fundamental questions around this facet of marketing. To set the record straight, we've compiled the top three most common questions we receive and explained them here!