Easy Photography Hacks

At DMA, photography plays a considerable role when it comes to capturing our clients’ products. Whether it be a packaging shot, beauty shot, or recipe photo, we are diligent about creating the best image possible. Sometimes, however, clients will need an on-site photo to post on social media faster than we can pack up the ol’ camera bag. When that happens, and there’s no additional budget for professional shots on a dime, we encourage our clients to put on their photographer hats. With the array of available cameras (and phone cameras!), there can be a vast difference in quality, and that’s inconvenient when working to align with your brand’s look and feel. Here are some quick and easy tricks you can use to take photos like a pro:

Easy Photo Hacks to Elevate Your Brand’s Photography


When you are taking photos, try to always ensure there is good lighting! Natural lighting like that you’d find in a field (especially morning and right before dusk) is perfect for outdoor shots—and even a sky that is a little overcast is workable, as it can overcome excessive glare that has the capacity to wash out images. When shooting indoors, be conscious of excessively yellow light casting a yellow-ish hue over images, which  can make photos look older and less attractive. Keep in mind that if an image is too bright, it may still be salvageable: you can always play with shadows and brightness, as well as tweak the highlight level to help tone down excessive brightness.


When editing images, you can adjust the contrast to make colors more vibrant, or to make products within the image crisper. Don’t go overboard on contrast, as the more you add, the more the image will look artificial and edited.


Adjusting the saturation on your images can also help to brighten or darken colors where needed, but understand that a combination of saturation and contrast may appear overwhelming if too much is applied! With saturation, “less is more” if you want to make your asparagus a bit more green and vibrant.


Took a blurry image? Easy fix! Adjusting clarity is the easiest way to sharpen your photo. Keep in mind though, as with all of these techniques, you will want to err on the side of caution: the more you tweak the clarity, the easier it will be to see every single detail.

And hey, if all else fails, you can also use any of the following photo editing apps to tweak your images right on your phone in a pinch:

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