Keys to a Successful Logo Project

Campaign after campaign, ad after ad, a brand’s logo is the one item you’re sure to see on every piece of a company’s collateral. Whether you’re looking to refresh your current logo or develop an entirely new one (how to know if this is what you need), it’s important to understand the undertaking of a logo project and have a strategy in mind before kicking it off. To set yourself up for logo redesign success, consider taking these first steps.

Tips for A Successful Logo Project

Have an understanding of the commitment to a new logo

Your logo is the most prominent and recognizable aspect of your brand. It’s the first image that comes to mind when a consumer hears your brand’s name. Your logo touches everything, from your packaging to your website to the decals on the side of your building. Before beginning a logo project, you should have an understanding of what you’ll need to update and include the cost of doing so in your budget to redesign. Remember that consistency is everything when it comes to brand identity, and that you’ll want to phase out old versions of your logo quickly to avoid confusing your customers and consumers. Create a strategy and timeline that outlines when branded materials are scheduled to be updated – and communicate that plan with internal and external audiences alike.

Know the level of change you’re looking for

A logo refresh and a logo redesign are two very different things. Are you looking to modernize your current logo or start fresh with a new aesthetic? If your current logo has clout, you may not want to deviate from the design entirely so that you don’t risk confusing consumers. If your logo is outdated and doesn’t connect to your brand’s personality, you should consider taking on a more advanced redesign.

Before beginning a logo project, establish a clear purpose for your redesign and communicate it with your team throughout the design process. Be sure you’ve established the who and why of your brand, and use that foundation to drive the aesthetic of your new logo.

Discuss the project with everyone who touches your branding

Your logo is a powerful tool for more than just your marketing team. Be sure to consult with other stakeholders in the company that utilize the logo. By communicating your intent to design a new logo, you’ll empower your team to vocalize what they’d like to see in the final product. Allowing team members across the company to give input provides a sense of ownership. However, once you have consulted with them, designate a particular group of individuals, ideally 2-3, to be involved with the designers to avoid having “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Loop everyone back in only when you have narrowed down options and are ready to finalize!

Have a brand aesthetic guide

Is your brand playful or serious? What colors best represent your brand? Which adjectives do you need your logo to convey to the person seeing it for the first or the fifteenth time? What fonts best communicate your brand voice? These are all questions you should answer before beginning a logo project. Your logo should encapsulate your brand’s aesthetic and separate you from the other brands in the trade and in the produce aisle. Be sure you stay true to your brand’s personality by establishing an aesthetic guide and sticking to it.

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