Executive Corner

The 2021 Social Media Marketer's Calendar and the 2021 Produce Marketer's calendar are available for free download. We'll tell you how to use them!
Why should you keep a gratitude journal? Learn about benefits and many reasons to write down what you're grateful for in preparation for Thanksgiving.
Dan'l Mackey Almy with DMA Solutions will be a panelist at the Fresh Summit Experience Extension to discuss trends & how they affect the produce industry.
One of my greatest joys is watching talented people grow & truly attach themselves to the beauty and challenge that comes with choosing a career in fresh.
CPG has been upheld as a gold standard that fresh produce companies seek to emulate on all fronts. Somehow we have convinced ourselves that CPG harnesses some level of operational excellence and marketing mastery far beyond the feats of which we are capable in fresh produce.
Despite increases we’ve seen in specific categories, fresh produce is continually consumed at a relatively flat rate. However, based on this flat consumption rate—in addition to the current health crisis—it is clearthat fresh produce is far from meeting its potential—that’s where marketing comes in.
Without marketing, companies are left operating as commodities or trade names. The alternative—fresh produce companies that embrace a brand-worthy approach to marketing—believe in the power that brands have to provide something of value to their buyers, to consumers, and to the industry as a whole.
The media furor from the recent romaine recall has died down, but that doesn’t mean that we now have the luxury to return to “business as usual.” This is the ideal time to think critically about how we can better prepare ourselves to mitigate the consequences of food safety scares as they occur.
CPG invests in marketing, and they align their marketing budgets to sales performance. CPG brands' marketing spend ranges anywhere from 6-14% of revenue! While we're not suggesting that percentage is necessary for fresh produce, we advocate correlating marketing spend to sales.