The Benefits of Having a Messaging Guide

Brands often overlook the importance of creating, having, and sharing a simple messaging guide that explains the who, why, and what for a company or brand.  Here are the benefits you might expect to receive as a result of having a messaging guide created for your company or brand.

The Benefits Of Having A Messaging Guide

Establishes Direction for the Company

A messaging guide serves the brand in several ways but perhaps the most beneficial is the establishment of a brand’s compass or direction when writing or speaking about the brand, whom it serves, and why it is important to the world.

Provides Positioning for the Brand or Product

You know it and I know it, there are four P’s of marketing and positioning is one.  If your company or brand does not have a messaging guide, and yet are struggling to communicate in a way that is effective when selling, it is likely because your position in the marketplace has not yet been defined.  Sure, you may have defined it internally, but the rest of us may still be wondering.

Creates Uniformity amongst Stakeholders

Just saying the word “uniformity” brings a smile to my face when I think about it from an organizational perspective.  As mentioned above, if everyone at a company is not on the same page about who we are and what purpose we’re serving as a business, then what exactly are we doing every day?  Taking the time to define these extremely specific and important bits of information can be the key to internal and external communications simply by creating uniformity.

Communicates Your “Why” – QUICKLY

When trying to explain what you do and why you do it to prospect customers, recruits, or consumers, when you have a messaging guide, this seemingly complicated strand of “key talking points” is simplified allowing you to share the right message with the right audiences in a flash.

Serves As Go-To Copy for Marketing Assets

Perhaps this is the most important reason of all to have a messaging guide.  When creating marketing materials from web pages to tradeshow booths, having a messaging guide takes the guesswork out of having to write things from scratch and gives you a foundation from which you can build upon, depending on the end deliverable.  For example, if I am tasked to prepare a presentation for a customer meeting, I am likely going to refer first and foremost to my messaging guide and/or a brand lexicon to help me find the right words to describe my product or business (or not to use).

We believe that branding and messaging are the right places for marketers to start when considering “how to improve marketing efforts” before spending money on other typical marketing activations.  As part of our Essential Services, we are offering companies the opportunity to work with DMA Solutions to develop and finalize a messaging guide in approximately 45 days or less!  Sound like something you might be interested in?  We’d love to hear more.