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California Giant

Playful Website Design

To suit retailers’ growing demand for an alternative date label, the Bard Valley Date Growers Association created a new Sunlit brand and tasked the DMA Solutions team to design and launch a website to support the new brand.  

Using the look and feel of the new packaging as a starting point, DMA created a fun and engaging website design that has a playful and engaging aesthetic. Shoppers can see the products and pack sizes available in the Sunlit brand and can learn about dates through a lengthy FAQ.

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Earth Fresh Polar White Landing Page

New Product Launch Landing Page

In early 2021, Earth Fresh was excited to unveil their new Polar White Potato varietal to the trade and wanted to find a way to entice retailers and make sales inquiries easy.

With digital trade advertisements already booked, Earth Fresh wanted to use that real estate to advertise the product launch, but where to send them? DMA Solutions worked with the team to create a simple & clean landing page to introduce the product, elevate benefits to the retailer, and provide an easy form to fill out to reach the sales team.

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Resource Rich Trade Page

This year, LGS Sales had a goal to focus more on their trade marketing efforts. This meant making the existing trade page more robust to properly tell their brand story.

We audited the current page and added new sections, revised messaging, and reordered the flow so that it was easy for customers to tell exactly how LGS is solving their problems and why they should partner together. Some of these revisions included creating shopper intel sections with unique data from the LGS database, exclusive one-pagers, and a trade newsletter archive.

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Colorful and Inviting Website to Unite a Family of Brands

For 4 generations, San Miguel Produce has provided nutritious leafy greens year-round. After establishing the signature brands Cut 'N Clean Greens and Jade Asian Greens, San Miguel wanted to establish a modern web presence to bring these brands and the parent company together within one consumer-friendly website.

DMA Solutions was tasked with creating a clean and modern aesthetic to complement the identities of the San Miguel, Cut 'N Clean and Jade brands. The resulting website is colorful, friendly and inviting for viewers to discover the leafy green solution that's right for their lifestyle!

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Seasonal Pillar Pages

Tasked with the challenge of improving website SEO for Ocean Mist Farms, the DMA team began researching the most effective way to organize and optimize content so that search engines would recognize Ocean Mist as the true authority on artichokes that they are.

Using HubSpot's recommended pillar page concept, we created a series of seasonal web pages that serve as a compilation of resources around singular topics that is advantageous both for website ranking and for consumers looking to find a hub of helpful content.

Modern Website to Honor a Century Old Brand

For almost 100 years, Snoboy has been a symbol of quality fresh produce in the industry and is one of the most recognizable produce mascots amongst consumers due to his exciting history and iconic television ads from the 1950s. Amerifresh, Snoyboy’s parent company, wanted to create a website for the brand that delivers an experience on par with the brand’s reputation, guarantee, and fun-loving personality.

The chosen design creates the perfect juxtaposition of modern and vintage, honoring who Snoboy is today while highlighting how far he has come. Additional elements of the site like an interactive produce quiz and quirky copy bring Snoyboy’s voice forward in a way that sets the brand a part. Visitors just can’t help but fall in love with Snoboy!

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Highly Visual Website with Minimalist Design

Interfresh wanted to update their marketing mix and replace their website with a design that better showcased who the company is today. The brand wanted a highly visual, minimalist design that communicated their experience and longevity in the industry. We listened to the brand’s story and provided a stunning website that centered on imagery while also communicating the company's core values and areas of expertise.

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Ocean Mist

Informative Smart Website Designed to Inspire & Sell

As a premier grower of fresh artichokes and other fresh vegetables, Ocean Mist Farms was ready for a new, sophisticated web design that matched their position as the top selling fresh artichoke brand.

Ocean Mist Farms' refreshed web presence includes a beautiful design that showcases a subtle update to the brand's color palette and emphasizes big, bold product imagery. In addition, it delivers a breadth of helpful content for shoppers such an extensive library of updated recipe ideas, a weekly blog and a variety of downloadable resources.

Trade partners can also take advantage of numerous downloadable resources, merchandising tips, merchandising materials and other useful tools to help increase in-store sales.

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Ready Pac

Streamlined Website Ideal for Showcasing Innovation

Ready Pac Foods is commited to giving people the freedom to eat healthier with a regularly evolving and comprehensive line of ready-to-eat salads, wraps and snacks. Uniquely positioned in the fresh produce space as a brand dedicated to product development and implementing hot food trends and flavor profiles into their portfolio, Ready Pac Foods wanted a new web presence that underscored their position as an intentional and relevant lifestyle brand.

Their clean website design showcases the fun, innovative, value-added products Ready Pac Foods offers to both retail and foodservice audiences. Consumers are able to navigate easily to specific product categories to learn more information about their favorite salads and snacks.

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Expansive Custom Website Featuring New Branding

Mann Packing's website project first required the build out of a new corporate brand style that worked well in conjunction with the company's many branded product lines, yet underscored Mann's position as innovative, family-friendly, high-quality, convenient, and always fresh.

Starting with the development of a brand style guide that defined a new color palette, photography styling, textures, backgrounds, and typography, this expansive custom website was a major unveiling of the brand's new image. In conjunction with the main site launch was a coordinating Canadian website as well as a foodservice website that provides resources unique to that customer segment.

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Bright & Cheerful Website for Consumer & Trade Audiences

Following their rebrand, Summer Citrus from South Africa was interested in launching a more consumer-friendly website that exuded their new brand personality. Using bold and inviting colors and beautiful product imagery, SCSA's website is a light, bright and cheery digital resource to communicate key messages around uniquely superior sweetness, seasonality and product origin.

Trade partners are also provided a dedicated web page with data around summer citrus sales, a sales toolkit and downloadable highlights of the brand's annual planning session.

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Storytelling Website with a Focus on Farming and Innovation

Duda Farm Fresh Foods sought to refresh their digital presence and showcase how their value-added products help make snack time and meal times easier for their target consumers.

This fully-custom, highly visual website positions the brand as a leader in snacking innovation and presents consumers with stories of different usage occasions for their range of products while delivering recipes that inspire consumers to bring this story into their own kitchens.  

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Super Starr

Modernized Website with Photography and Illustration Blend

After creating a new brand identity and logo, it was time for Super Starr International to create a modern digital presence for their company. The brand sought a design that could focus on their new product photography while also seamlessly integrating custom illustrations to tell their story.

The resulting website brings out the natural beauty of their papayas with full-screen photos and complementary illustrations that align with their overall branding.

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