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Frontera Tropical

Custom Graphics

Frontera Produce wanted step away from their traditional booth design to highlight their tropical fruit line in a fun and colorful way.

As a company that typically offers product samples in their booth, a large, functional countertop was needed that would comfortably fit an in-line booth space. DMA worked with a local booth company to design and build a custom unit that could easily be shipped from show to show.

River Point Farms

Custom In-line Booth

River Point Farms desired a highly graphic booth that could easily convert to fit a 10' x 10' or 10' x 20' space, while also communicating the company's key messages in 5 seconds or less. As America's largest onion producer, it was important to showcase farming, product and value-added imagery to convey the full breadth of their story to booth visitors.

This winning booth design has earned the company multiple "Best of Show" awards and remains one of DMA's most successful booth designs.

Duda Farm Stand

Themed 10x10 Booth

Tranforming their 10' x 10' footprint into a visual experience was a strategy that helped Duda Farm Foods elevate their brand on the PMA Foodservice show floor.

This particular year, DMA transformed their booth space into a roadside produce stand. Using field imagery in the background along with lots of wood and metal aesthetics, the beauty and quality of Duda's farm fresh products were highlighted against this authentic backdrop.

Duda French Laundry

Themed 10x10 Booth

Duda Farm Fresh Foods wanted a unique booth experience that guaranteed they would stand out among their competitors exhibiting at the PMA Foodservice expo.

This booth design truly exemplified that big ideas and come together in small spaces. DMA transformed the 10' x 10' floor space into a white table cloth restaurant experience inspired by the famous Napa restaurant, French Laundry. Large, artistic displays showcased a wide variety of Duda's value-added and bulk commodities popular with their foodservice customers.

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