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Modular Booth Design

In 2019, Gold Coast wanted to put their best foot forward for their display at PMA Fresh Summit with a new booth and modern styling that helped to clearly communicate their unique Santa Maria growing story.

As a result, we focused on creating modernized graphics that leaned into a nautical theme to compliment the company’s logo and story, while highlighting Santa Maria on back-lit graphics to grab attention on the show floor. Using two 10'x10' panels side-by-side across the back of their 20' booth, the company now has the opportunity to use the left-hand panel as a 10x10 booth at small shows, getting the most bang for their buck.

Tradeshow Video Using Existing Content

LGS Specialty Sales wanted to highlight their product line up and consumer engagement in their tradeshow booth. We produced a high-quality video that highlighted the many brands and marketing activations LGS has to offer using existing brand assets. We used recipe photos, promotion assets, packaging photos and product photos to create a show-stopping visual element for the booth.




10x10 Booth Featuring New Branding

After investing in a new logo and branding for Super Starr International, the papaya and melon grower sought to create a new 10x10 expo display to showcase their new, modernized face to trade audiences.

The company wanted to focus on bringing fresh product to display as the “star” of the booth, so we created a clean backdrop to showcase the beauty of their products with simple messaging highlighting their values. A small branded counter top with storage space inside serves as an ideal place to set out swag, collateral and even serve freshly cut papaya samples.





Custom-Themed Display

In 2018, Ocean Mist Farms leveraged the Instant Pot craze starting with their spring Instant Artichoke Promotion and recipe eBook and wrapping with their Fall Flavor Giveaway. Throughout the year, the brand educated shoppers about the simplicity and ease of cooking artichokes in the Instant Pot, helping to address many shoppers’ concerns about how to properly prep and enjoy this unique vegetable. 

At Fresh Summit, a primary goal was to carry the Instant Pot theme into the booth to encourage conversations around how Ocean Mist Farms was actively engaging and inspiring shoppers through their marketing efforts.  A 3 foot tall custom Instant Pot replica was commissioned to serve as this conversation starter but also to double as an eye-catching fresh artichoke display.





Duda Farm Stand

Themed 10x10 Booth

Tranforming their 10' x 10' footprint into a visual experience was a strategy that helped Duda Farm Foods elevate their brand on the PMA Foodservice show floor.

This particular year, DMA transformed their booth space into a roadside produce stand. Using field imagery in the background along with lots of wood and metal aesthetics, the beauty and quality of Duda's farm fresh products were highlighted against this authentic backdrop.

Duda French Laundry

Themed 10x10 Booth

Duda Farm Fresh Foods wanted a unique booth experience that guaranteed they would stand out among their competitors exhibiting at the PMA Foodservice expo.

This booth design truly exemplified that big ideas and come together in small spaces. DMA transformed the 10' x 10' floor space into a white table cloth restaurant experience inspired by the famous Napa restaurant, French Laundry. Large, artistic displays showcased a wide variety of Duda's value-added and bulk commodities popular with their foodservice customers.

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