Top 10 Biggest Marketing Challenges of Core Readers

From consumption trends and private labeling to commoditized pricing and availability, fresh produce brands are faced with unique marketing challenges. Over the years, we’ve helped brands overcome these challenges to ultimately find their unique position amongst the trade – and in the supermarket.

So in true “David Letterman Top 10” style, today we’re counting down the Top 10 Marketing Challenges readers of The Core face! (Plus, you know we are giving our best tips for each challenge.)
* in David Letterman voice *

Readers of The Core, Here’s Today’s Top Ten List, Let’s Go!


10. Budget

We love talking money! While it’s true that you have to spend money to make money, it’s a myth that you have to have a 7-figure marketing budget to make a difference. The biggest factor for creating a budget is knowing your audience. Once you’ve identified who you’re going to be talking to, you can decide where to spend your money.

9. Photography

Just like how we “eat with our eyes first,” so do your shoppers! So if you don’t have beautiful photography, you may not be giving off the message of credibility that you want. But before you go out and spend thousands of dollars on equipment, be sure to use our checklist first. 

8. Awareness

Standing out in the produce section can be challenging. But we guarantee that no two fresh produce brands have the exact same story. So, tell yours! Awareness happens when someone can recall messaging and associate it with your brand. Your story humanizes your brand and connects you to consumers on an emotional level. And that is something they will remember. If you need help telling your unique story, give us a call. We can create a Messaging Guide just for your brand that will help you stand out among the crowd.

7. Influencer Partners

Influencers are more than a famous person who sells tea on Instagram. For fresh produce brands, influencers are a trusted source that can help deliver your brand story to a captive audience. The opportunities are endless with influencers. Use them to help create new recipes for your site, to help provide you with content for social media, or even to help you finally get that presence on TikTok that we know you’re interested in. We have an extensive database of trusted partners that is growing all the time. So what are you waiting for?

6. Branding

Did you know that your brand is so much more than your logo? Your brand is what you stand for. Your brand is who you are as a company. Your brand is a set of beliefs that every single person that works with you should hold. When you view your brand like that, consistency (which leads to awareness) comes naturally.

5. Website

Websites can be a point of frustration for many marketers. So instead of telling you what a good website is (because you can find that in many of our blog posts), let’s go over what a good website isn’t. A good website isn’t:
  • hard to update
  • hard to navigate as a user
  • on page 100 of search results
  • full of irrelevant content
If you’re not sure if your site measures up, we can evaluate it and give you actionable recommendations.

4. Public Relations and Trade Awareness/Outreach

This is a big topic that we get asked about a lot. We have a dedicated PR team here at DMA. And by “dedicated,” I mean that we have relationships with over 250 trade publications, and in just one year, we’ve earned billions of impressions for our clients. Public relations is nurturing relationships with the media, and writing stories that mean something to a publication and its audience. Learn more about how DMA Solutions can help your brand tell the right story to the media.

3. Social Media


Social media for fresh produce is much more than just posting on Facebook and Instagram, and because this topic is so high on the list, we know you understand that. Reaching your audience directly is one of the biggest benefits of using social media for your brand. It allows your brand to be visible where your audience is already spending their time. If you need help with this, let us know. We can evaluate what you’re currently doing, and then give you recommendations and two months’ worth of content to get you started!

2. Measuring Marketing Success

Ah, one of our favorite topics! We know, the bosses are demanding that you show some results for the budget you’ve been given. It’s of the utmost importance to understand that marketing success is measured in many different ways, and determining success starts with your goals and objectives. Here’s a tip – if you want to reach more people with your marketing efforts, the number of impressions you receive is a great indicator of that. Impressions are the “potential number of eyes that saw” your marketing efforts. That’s brand exposure, which leads to brand recognition, which leads to brand awareness! So, when you’re creating your goals and objectives, be sure to include impressions as an indicator of success.

1. Need Help All-Around

When we asked what you’re struggling with, this was the #1 response, so know that you’re not alone. We understand, and are ready to help. To go back to #10 on this list, it’s a myth that you have to have a 7-figure budget to get results. We work with clients of all sizes and all budgets, so don’t be intimidated. Let’s chat!