Case Study: California Giant Berry Farms

A Fresh Website for a Fresh Produce Client

DMA_Reach-NEW_CaseStudy-3CLIENT: California Giant Berry Farms

California Giant Berry Farms is different. Other fresh berry suppliers may distribute fresh berries to their retail customers, but California Giant Berry Farms GROWS the fresh berries that their customers (and their customers) have come to expect to be the best. Also, California Giant Berry Farms is built on a foundation of philanthropy and giving back to their employees, communities and charitable causes – in fact, the company’s mission is to “make a difference, one fresh berry at a time.” They make a difference every day by engaging with the consumers of their products and serving as a reliable resource to them for all things berry-related. California Giant Berry Farms needed a website that communicated all of these differentiators in an impactful, appealing way.

One of the opportunities California Giant has with consumers is to tell the story of how food is grown, the care that goes into getting fresh berries on the grocery shelf, and how their growers of fresh, delicious berries are faced with the ultimate production variable – Mother Nature. The new website provides the consumer a window into the world of the farmer and shares insights into the care and handling required by the unique fresh produce distribution channels and the challenges of effectively marketing “around” those channels. These challenges make it even more vital for California Giant Berry Farms (and other fresh produce brands) to communicate their unique characteristics and entice consumers to seek out and/or ask for their products where they shop.

Cindy Jewell, California Giant’s Vice President of Marketing, says, “Today, with social media and on-demand information at everyone’s fingertips, it’s critical for our marketing touchpoints to be colorful, inspirational and emotional in order to become and remain present in the minds of consumers.”

The newly designed addresses all of the aforementioned challenges and fulfills California Giant’s need for an informative, engaging and impactful website.

The new website and blog provide a unique experience based on users’ preferences and interests. The visitor data collected by the California Giant marketing team – including product, content and communication preferences – is analyzed and used to continually update the website and blog for optimal user experience. Listed below are other differentiators that make and stand out among their competition:

  • California Giant Berry Farms is the only grower and nationwide supplier of fresh berries to offer a fully mobile-responsive experience on their website and blog.
  • Existing leads are personally greeted on the website homepage with a relevant offer via an expandable SMART CTA at the top of the page.
  • With a multitude of dynamic content, including video and item traceability, California Giant Berry Farms’ growing stories are presented so that consumers know exactly where their strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries came from AND who planted, tended and harvested them.
  • Web content is regularly updated so that is always delivering timely and trending information. One example is an area on the homepage that highlights The Buzz Blog and features the latest post.
  • Visitors are asked to connect and engage with California Giant Berry Farms beyond the website and blog. For example, they are asked to “Instagram with” California Giant and are enticed with a live feed of the berry grower’s Instagram account.
  • California Giant’s spirit of giving back is evident throughout the website and blog, providing countless points of connection between the company’s causes of choice and those consumers who also support them.

Since the launch of the new website and blog, web traffic and contact conversions have increased. Please see below for year-over-year comparisons:


This project truly transformed the way that California Giant Berry Farms is able to communicate with their customers (retail buyers) and consumers of fresh berries. Cindy Jewell added, “We are most proud of the many ways that we are now able to connect with our audiences on their terms by delivering the types and formats of content that they’ve told us they want and in the frequency and order they want it via survey responses from our consumer database. From detailed, helpful recipes with compelling photography to blog posts that provide a glimpse inside our farms and company culture, our new website and blog provide the perfect delivery platforms. Ultimately, we are adding value to the fresh, delicious California Giant berries that consumers love and thereby increasing and solidifying brand loyalty.”

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