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Trade Advertising Driving Blog Subscriptions

In April, during the initial peak and uncertainty of the pandemic when many companies were fearful to spend their marketing dollars, DMA Solutions created advertisements for And Now You Know to drive subscribers to our blog and build awareness around our services offerings.

Why? Because DMA Solutions is focused on being helpful first. Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to share relevant content for marketers to help guide them through this unusual landscape. As a way to get out ahead of the pandemic and position DMA Solutions as a thought-leader, we chose to spend our marketing dollars to support the industry in a critical time.

Our email ads garnered 57,289 impressions and 113 clicks and our wraparound ad garnered 35,517 total impressions!

Driving Sales and Awareness During Peak Season

Looking to expand their reach and ultimately drive online sales, South Georgia Pecan Company invested in Google Advertising to command attention during peak season.  We created a series of Google Ads, targeting interested consumers and encouraged purchase of a variety of seasonally relevant products.  With an end result of over 9.3 million brand impressions and over 93,000 click-throughs to the website, our efforts helped to increase year-over-year sales for the South Georgia Pecan Company brand.

Solution-Focused Trade Advertising

As retailers increasingly feel demand from consumers to practice sustainability, California Giant wanted to highlight their expanding sustainability program with the trade press. We created print and digital ads that not only visually attracted customers, but also told the story of the California Giant sustainability promise. These ads linked to the company’s sustainability page, which we designed to tell the story in detail for trade and consumer audiences alike.

Google Advertising: Consumer Event Focus

In conjunction with Ocean Mist Farms’ Peace, Love & Artichokes promotion, the brand invested in a Google advertising campaign to help educate shoppers about their Coachella Valley desert-grown artichokes, by leveraging the search strength of the Coachella Music Festival.

With a moderate budget, the brand was able to garner over 1.3 million impressions and drive traffic back to their Peace, Love & Artichokes sweepstakes page.


Brand Positioning and Traffic Generation Campaign

IFCO sought to demonstrate their supply chain thought leadership by launching a trade ad campaign that promoted their blog, a resource that features valuable supply chain insights for retailers and growers alike.

The campaign generated click-throughs resulting in new leads and subscribers to their blog, along with elevated web traffic during months this ad ran. 

Ready Pac-2

Seasonal Product Campaign

Ready Pac Foods wanted visually distinctive trade ads that highlighted the unique flavor profiles of their popular Bistro Bowl salad kits. The desire was to maintain an uncluttered design that kept the focus on the salad imagery.

True to Ready Pac Food's product positioning, beauty shots of the raw produce ingredients are also utilized to underscore the Bistro Bowl's fresh ingredients.

Artisan Onion 300x250

Artisan Onion Campaign

Tanimura & Antle needed new design and key messaging for an Artisan Red Onion retail advertisement and point-of-sale materials to help elevate the unique attributes of this special variety during peak season.

The full design creative presented Artisan Red Onions in a beautiful grill-centric layout to underscore its seasonal versatility. In smaller trade advertisements with limited space, the ads focused on product imagery with the same messaging and font treatments.


Fresher, Fresher, Fresher Campaign

Mann Packing challenged our team to create a unique ad campaign that told their "Fresher, Fresher, Fresher" story.

The ad designs picked up design elements from their recent rebrand including typography, colors and pattern.

Custom graphics were created to highlight some of their main commodities with the lightbulbs denoting thought leadership.

DMA Ad Group

DMA Solutions

In 2017, DMA Solutions launched a series of digital trade ads to promote our marketing services as well as free downloadable content available to marketers in the industry.

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