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The Core

The Only Blog Dedicated Solely to Fresh Produce Marketing

For 10 years now, The Core Blog has been a top resource for marketing ideas curated for the fresh produce industry. We publish 3 times a week sharing big-picture ideas and tactical practices and takeaways for fresh produce marketers with varying budgets.

The purpose of The Core is to inspire and motivate our readers and ultimately empower them to reach their marketing goals. The blog also provides DMA Solutions with helpful data on the topics our audience is struggling with the most. We use this intel to write better content for YOU. 

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Consumer Blog

Already established as a leader in the greenhouse industry in the areas of product development and marketing, SUNSET wanted to create a blog that allowed them a regular communication tool for highlighting their passion around innovation and inspiration.

Their Inspired by Life blog features posts on a wide variety of topics including products, branded recipes (including some by celebrity chef partner, Roger Mooking), nutrition, philanthropic initiatives, sustainability and company culture.

In addition to the design and launch, DMA oversees the blog editorial calendar, writes posts and manages contributing writers.

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IFCO's B2B Supply Chain Resource Blog

IFCO wanted to showcase their supply chain thought leadership and set themselves apart from competitors in the reusable packaging space. We launched IFCO's blog to showcase their ongoing leadership and provide supply chain professionals with a go-to resource in the perishables space.

After  4 years, the blog has generated hundreds of subscribers and leads for IFCO to date that they've been able to share with their sales team. 

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Fresh Perspectives Tony Sarsam

Leadership Blog

To indirectly elevate the Ready Pac Foods brand, we were challenged to design a unique and contemporary blog that showcased the thought leadership of then Ready Pac Foods CEO, Tony Sarsam.

While the blog was not intended to be an extension of the Read Pac brand, design was based on the desire to have a clean, no-fuss, professional presence where Tony could share insights and opinions on a variety of leadership and culturally relevant topics.

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Fox News

Trade Blog

To elevate Fox Packaging's and Fox Solution's position as thought leaders in the fresh produce packaging and equipment space, a new marketing communication strategy was developed to include a monthly blog.

The blog covers a range of topics including packaging performance and technology, equipment solutions, food safety and social responsibility. Interested audiences are invited to subscribe to a monthly email blast that shares the latest post.

In addition to the design and launch, DMA manages the blog calendar, writes posts and manages contributing partners.

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Buzz Blog

Lifestyle Blog with Stunning Photography

To nurture their growing database of berry evangelists, California Giant launched their consumer-facing blog, The Buzz, to encourage the purchase and consumption of fresh berries through Instagram-worthy recipes and everyday lifestyle content for their four key buyer personas.

The Buzz publishes recipes and berry inspiration with stunning photography 2 - 3 times a week and the blog has more than 25,000 subscribers. 


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Trade Blog

Mann Packing had no shortage of helpful and inspirational content - particularly for their foodservice audience, so a blog was a natural additional to their marketing communication strategy. It was initially launched to provide a unique space for their foodservice audience to find inspiration and resources relevant to them and has since evolved to attract a wider audience interested in their products and the people behind the brand.

Mann, That's Easy blog name was developed in recognition of the innately helpful characteristics of their product line and a clever nod to their company tagline, Veggies Made Easy.

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