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Back to School Social Media Promotion

With Zoom classes being the reality for most families this year, we elevated Garden Highway to be the convenient and quick option during the busy Back to School season.

Our prizes followed COVID-19 guidelines and included hand sanitizer, portable soap, a fruit-infusing water bottle, an academic planner and Garden Highway sandwiches and snacks.

The Zoom Back to School promotion generated:

  • 1,478 total submissions
  • 15,721 impressions
  • 765 profile visits
  • 241 new Instagram followers

Adventure Themed Promotion

The Outdoor Adventure Giveaway was originally designed to be geared toward Natural Delights' active, outdoor-enthusiast audience. Little did we know when we first started planning that it would also be a very relevant promotion theme mid-2020 when activities had all been shifted to the outdoors to accommodate social distancing.

We postponed the launch until National Parks reopened, and then encouraged our audience to get out and remedy their cabin fever with some sunshine and fresh air. We had an overwhelmingly positive response and generated:

  • Over 7,000 new and reengaged contacts
  • 80,000 total submissions
  • New shopper intel to help drive our strategy going forward

Peak of Season Promotion

The goal of the Here Comes The Sun promotion was to position citrus as the perfect pairing for your summer activities.

We implemented a social-based sweepstakes to build awareness around Summer Citrus from South Africa during peak season freshness and availability. The Here Comes The Sun promotion generated:

  • 8,289 total submissions
  • 21,748 engagements
  • 4,133 website visits
  • 72% increase in followers

Back to School Promotion

The Good Foods "Back to the Books" fall promotion was a celebration of teachers and all that they do, especially during these uncertain times.

From August 31 through October 9, consumers were encouraged to enter to win a weekly prize that could be put toward a classroom and a prize pack with home and kitchen supplies. We leveraged weekly email marketing, paid social media advertising and posts, as well as partnerships with teachers that were also influencers from around the country. 

The promotion garnered a staggering 95,000 submissions and 11,660 new database contacts.

Summer Snacking Promotion

The goal of the Sip, Chill, Repeat Sweepstakes was to position California Giant berries as the ultimate treat for summer whether you are sipping on a cool cocktail or enjoying a cool, sweet treat.

DMA Solutions spearheaded a multifaceted campaign to build brand awareness, encourage promotion specific coupon downloads and prints, grow database contacts, and increase social community size and engagement.

The Sweepstakes garnered:

  • 156,408 submissions
  • 7,355 new contacts
  • 57,618 coupon prints
  • 18,862 social media engagements

Self-Care Promotion

With shoppers spending more time at home during COVID-19 restrictions and in need of self-care and inspiration, we elevated Garden Highway’s products for the healthy and fun indulgences that they are while also centering the brand as a resource during an unparalleled time.

Our fun giveaway prizes consisted of face masks, bath bombs, a personal blender, a smoothie guide, and of course Garden Highway fruit trays.

These promotions benefited the brand with:

  • Over 24,000 impressions
  • 800 profile visits
  • 22% increase in Instagram followers MOM

Back to Basics Promotion

While shoppers were adjusting to a new normal during COVID-19, we positioned California Giant as a go-to resource to help people make the most of their extra time at home by bringing them “back to the basics” with simple, easy recipes, fun at-home activities and weekly prizes.

This promotion yielded the following results:
- 521% MOM increase in recipe views
- 231% increase in email open rates
- 32% increase in Instagram TV video views

Gold Standard Giveaway

In 2020, Ocean Mist Farms hosted its 2nd annual Gold Standard promotion to engage and educate shoppers during their spring Castroville artichoke season. A sweepstakes and influencer partnerships were added to the marketing activations to further bolster reach and engagement. Promotion messaging again communicated to both trade and consumer audiences that Ocean Mist Farms has established the Gold Standard in quality, food safety, resource management and customer service.

This promotion benefited the brand with:
- Over 22 million brand impressions
- Preference data from over 28,000 shoppers
- 577% YOY increase in social media engagement
- 1,784% YOY increase in Google ad engagement

National Celery Month Sweepstakes

Duda's annual National Celery Month Sweepstakes celebrated Dandy celery as the “it”-gredient for the month of March.

Celery was highlighted in mix “it”, chop “it”, juice “it”, and snack “it” themes, while also enticing consumers with weekly prizes on social media, custom Instagram gif's, and influencer content.

This promotion yielded the following results:
- 191% YOY increase in social media engagements
- 66% decrease in Cost Per Engagement (CPE)
- 445% YOY increase in email clicks
- Over 1 million+ Instagram gif impressions

Cajun Kitchen Krewe Consumer Promotion

Tasked with refreshing an annual Mardi Gras themed promotion, DMA featured celery and corn as an integral part of traditional cajun dishes while emphasizing the sense of community - or "krewe" - that defines Mardi Gras gatherings.

This multifaceted strategy included a series of social media flash promotions, database emails, public relations pitches, and influencer content driving traffic to a unique landing page.

This promotion yielded the following results:
- 136% YOY increase in website sessions
- 148% YOY increase in social media engagements
- 347% YOY increase in email clicks
- 260% YOY increase in landing page views

Dish to Discovery Promotion

LGS Sales' Dish to Discovery promotion was created with the goal of educating Darling Citrus consumers about the different growing regions that yield high quality citrus, year round.

Each week, photos and information of different growing regions were featured along with different prizes of yearly subscriptions to specially curated boxes of food, recipes, and artisan goods from around the globe. To generate further engaging content to drive traffic to the website recipe page, DMA created dishes inspired by the specific regions to share on social media and in weekly promotion emails.

This strategy brought the following results:

  • 77,331 submissions
  • 33% increase in database contacts
  • 15,505% increase in total website visits compared to previous period
  • 106,103 social media impressions

Social Media Scavenger Hunt

As a brand that is only available in the summertime, and is many times sold under importer brands, Summer Citrus from South Africa wanted to create a promotion that would get both consumers and retailers excited about their products being in store.

DMA created Taste of Summer advertisements that mirrored flash promotions in order to intrigue audiences to both follow our page and participate in a scavenger hunt to find our fruit. Consumers were asked to go to their local grocery store and post a picture with the fruit once they found it. If they were unable to, we asked that they tag their retailers to let them know they wanted the fruit to be available in store. In conjunction, we ran retailer ads driving consumers to areas and stores in which we knew fruit was available.

This strategy brought the following results:

  • 583,108 brand impressions
  • 10,003 social media engagements
  • 29,987 website visits

Game Day Snacking Promotion

The Snack League Sweepstakes advocated for Dandy celery as the perfect game day snack to enjoy during baseball season.

We tested a gamification-based social media strategy in conjunction with an engaging landing page, all with the baseball theme and sports community in mind.

This strategy brought the following results:

  • 328% increase in sweepstakes submissions
  • 722% increase in Instagram followers from previous promotion
  • 197% increase in website visits
  • 38% decrease in CPE compared to previous promotion
  • 36% increase in social media engagements

Consumer Promotion Targeted to College Students and Parents

The Cal Giant College promotion provided an opportunity for California Giant Berries to appeal to college students and parents of college students through a refreshed "back to school" theme.

By presenting each of the 4 Cal Giant berries as personified college students, we utllized an interactive and engaging communications strategy showcasing the versatility of berries throughout the schoolyear.

This strategy brought the following results:

  • 1,171% increase in recipe page views
  • 168% increase in social media impressions
  • 125% increase in sweepstakes submissions
  • 26% increase in social media engagements

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