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Colorful and Classic Holiday Recipes

To capitalize on the holiday eating season, DMA pitched a series of celebration-worthy recipes to encourage customers of Darling Citrus and Suavo avocado to incorporate these fruits into their holiday menus.

From a colorful crostini that pairs well with champagne to a Christmas-y spin on the classic Caprese, the recipes were the perfect mix of nostalgic and innovative.

Health and Wellness Recipes

Grapefruit has become a staple in the health and wellness world. 

To capitalize on the grapefruit's health benefits and showcase its meal and snack flexibility, DMA developed recipes for Wintersweetz to share during their peak winter season that fit into Whole30, paleo, and other special diets.

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Simple Snacking Recipes

Arctic Apples is an innovative company that has developed a variety of apples that resist browning when cut.

Arctic's pre-sliced apples are geared toward convenience shoppers and on-the-go snackers, so DMA focused on developing recipes that were designed to be simple and easy, yet nourishing and delicious.

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Custom Recipes Highlighting Unique Products

Little Bear has unique products that aren't found anywhere else on the market. While designing their new website, it was clear that we couldn't rely on stock images to accurately represent their products.

DMA decided to create custom photography of dishes featuring their products that would also match the color scheme of their new website and branding. It was tailored exactly to their needs for the most authentic representation of Little Bear's brand and products.

Curated Recipe Collection

Just in time for the start of the summer season, we were tasked by LGS Sales to create 10 new recipes featuring citrus and avocados.

In order to develop dishes that were not only delicious but strategic, we analyzed the current trends, the types of recipes they already had in their library, and factored in eating occasions that we would be coming up on. With these things in mind, we curated 10 recipes that would also appeal to a variety of dietary and lifestyle preferences.

Orange Creamiscles - FEATURED

Citrus-Inspired Recipes

Each year, Summer Citrus from South Africa updates their digital content library to include recipes that highlight their peak-season citrus varieties including easy peelers, navels, Cara Caras, and grapefruits.

This Summer Citrus shoot was all about fresh, flavorful, and colorful to celebrate the beauty of South African citrus. We created a balance of health-focused and indulgent recipes to fit all occasions and times of day.

Strawberry Guacamole-1

Holiday Recipe Collaboration

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, California Giant Berry Farms and Mission Produce partnered up to provide consumers with fresh takes on their favorite festive recipes for the holiday.

Putting a new spin on the classic guacamole, DMA Solutions worked with an influencer to add sweetness to America's favorite dip for Cinco de Mayo. The recipe was a hit and is consistently a highly viewed recipe on California Giant's website. 

Nichols Farms Recipe Images

Recipe Photography

With the launch of the new Nichols Farms website, we needed to create and photograph an entirely new portfolio of recipes to depict the versatility of pistachios and almonds in raw and cooked applications.

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