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Duda Influencer Partnerships

Extended collaborations allow brands and influencers to create a bond, in turn allowing for genuine and authentic content. Duda leverages long-term influencer partners to promote their produce, mainly celery.

Duda partnered with vetted influencers to promote the Dandy® name, and products, to their followers. During the 2019/2020 agreement, Duda's partners generated a monthly average of 20M+ impressions and 60+ placements for the brand

Raspberry Cheesecake

Sugar-free Dessert Recipe

Natural Delights Raspberry Cheesecake recipe was developed as healthy dessert alternative, sweetened only with fresh Medjool dates. The recipe exudes a colorful visual presentation and a delicious flavor profile.

The brand capitalized on the recipe during the holiday season when shoppers are looking for festive recipe inspiration.


On-Trend Convenient Breakfast

Sliced apples are a popular snack food, but Crunch Pak wanted to find ways to inspire consumers to think about ways to use their convenience products beyond snacktime. 

DMA Solutions worked with an influencer partner to create this trendy grain quinoa, which offered Crunch Pak an opportunity to present a high protein alternative to oatmeal using sliced apples for breakfast. 

Red Pepper Hummus-1

Promotion-Themed Recipe

SUNSET's participation in a dip themed, co-branded promotion required the brand to come up with some new, fun recipes.

This Sweet Twister™ Pepper Hummus featured Sweet Twister Peppers and shared throughout the promotion via social media and in the Skinny Dips eBook.

Orange Creamiscles - FEATURED

Summer Themed Recipe

Each year, Summer Citrus from South Africa updates their digital content library to include recipes that highlight their peak-season citrus varieties including easy peelers, navels, Cara Caras, and grapefruits.

This Orange Push Pop recipe was one of several unique recipes developed and photographed among several other desserts, summer drinks, appetizers, and dinner inspiration.

Strawberry Guacamole-1

Holiday Recipe Collaboration

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, California Giant Berry Farms and Mission Produce partnered up to provide consumers with fresh takes on their favorite festive recipes for the holiday.

Putting a new spin on the classic guacamole, DMA Solutions worked with an influencer to add sweetness to America's favorite dip for Cinco de Mayo. The recipe was a hit and is consistently a highly viewed recipe on California Giant's website. 

Nichols Farms Recipe Images

Recipe Photography

With the launch of the new Nichols Farms website, we needed to create and photograph an entirely new portfolio of recipes to depict the versatility of pistachios and almonds in raw and cooked applications.

Smoothie Bowl

Recipe Photography

To support a brand that often acts as an ingredient in larger recipes, we helped produce seasonally-relevant photography like this smoothie bowl, which highlighted individual ingredients, including Medjool dates. 

Avocado Choco Dip FEATURED

Recipe Photography

This Avo Peanut Butter Dip was developed and photographed for Mission Produce as one piece of content in a multi-partner collaboration.

The recipe was included in an eBook filled with healthy dips for summer snacking and showcased the versatility of avocados in a sweet dip application. During the course of this short promotion, the eBook was downloaded over 17,000 times.

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