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Posted by DMA Solutions TeamSeptember 12, 2018 5:00 AM

There’s never a bad time to update your website, per se, but there are several website “housekeeping” issues that become even more important before the fresh produce industry’s biggest tradeshow. Why, you ask? Because if a potential retail customer is doing research on you before or during the show, you’d want to look your absolute best, right? Here are a few quick updates we recommend making before potential buyers walk by your booth, pull out their phones, and type in “”


Make Sure Media Can Find The Appropriate Contact—And Quickly

We all know that when it comes to garnering media attention, time is of the absolute essence. Age-old (well, at least going back to the 20th century…) PR wisdom maintains that making life as easy as possible on the media is the best way to land placements—as well as repeat interactions. Double- and triple-check that contact information for the appropriate spokesperson is listed prominently on your website; bonus points if that section is labeled something like “Contact Us” or “Media.” Ideally, this would live alongside your company media kit.


When it Comes to Fresh Summit, Mum is *Not* the Word!

Yes, it’s almost safe to assume that if you are an avid Core reader, you’ll be attending Fresh Summit. Key word: almost. But if you don’t tell people, they won’t know! And more importantly, they won’t specifically carve out any time to interact with your brand during the show.

If Your Website is B2B-Focused…

Publish your booth information prominently on your homepage. Invite people to visit your booth, post about which events and sessions you will be attending, or even add quirky hints about what you might bring to the table this year.

If Your Website is B2C-Focused…

Post the above updates in a trade-specific section of your website. Not enough time to revamp your site before Fresh Summit? No problem! This section doesn’t have to be fancy to be effective—it just needs to be present and easy to find.


Make 100% Sure Your Website is Mobile-Responsive

Currently, a majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices. What does that mean? You guessed it: if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, your brand is losing online—big time. And you will especially feel that if a buyer takes a look at your site compared to your competitors’ shiny optimized site while they wait for the show floor to open in Orlando. Convinced but not sure where to start? That’s where we come in. While it’s possible mobile optimization may require you to look into a website redesign, there might be a few mobile-friendly tweaks you can make to prep for the big show.


Want more tips on tidying up your website ahead of the big show? Check out our tips to “spring clean” your website!


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