5 Ways to Prepare Your Leaders to Speak on Camera at Fresh Summit

Fresh Summit will be here before we know it, and you’ve spent countless hours preparing for the conversations you’ll have with your customers by putting together beautiful booth spaces, gathering sales materials, and sending out invitations to meet with your team. The reality, however, is that not every meeting you want to happen always works out – so, what is another way to maximize your presence at the show? Be ready to speak on camera when the trade media stops by your booth.

Here are some of our best media training tips as you prepare for the show:

Select 1-2 main spokespeople.

These are more often than not your senior leaders and marketers, but the goal is to maintain consistency when having people speak on behalf of the brand. What companies should avoid is choosing several different people to speak on camera simply because they are the most available. If you know your spokesperson will also be in meetings during the show, feel free to schedule a specific time with the media to ensure the best person is speaking on behalf of the brand.

Be prepared.

Always expect to be interviewed, even if you haven’t been asked. As you prepare for what you might tell a journalist, think about the most important information you want your customers and the industry to know – are you showing new products? Is your company investing in new technologies in 2019? Be thinking about what point you would want to get across if you only had 1 minute to share with someone, and if they give you more time, be prepared to share any additional information that you know is helpful.

Help navigate the conversation.

Most reporters will do their homework before stopping by your booth, but don’t assume that they will lead you exactly where your interview should go. If you have something you know is important to share, help navigate by offering that information.


Speak clearly and in short sound bites.

Avoid long-winded answers whenever possible. As you respond to questions on the show floor, give clear and concise one-sentence responses, and then feel free to expand from there. Why? Because sometimes when videos need to be condensed for time, important information ends up getting cut because the video editors pick what they think is most relevant. Think of it this way – if a journalist only took the first sentence after every question you answered, would they have the important facts?


Smile and engage!

Why is it that the second we know we’re on camera we get weird? The best thing you can do is smile and engage in conversation like you would if you were connecting with your customer or a friend. When on camera, it becomes glaringly obvious, and even a little cringy, when you’re not positive and engaged. For all my Friends fans out there, you know exactly what I mean.


Fresh Summit is an excellent opportunity to engage not only with the people at the show, but also with the media covering the show beyond that weekend. If you haven’t already, be sure to encourage your team to be camera-ready! We can’t wait to see all of the incredible video content that comes from this year’s event.

Need help scheduling time with the media at this year’s Fresh Summit? We’d love to help! Email us at info@dma-solutions.com to schedule a time to talk.  

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