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You may be familiar with Dr. Gary Chapman’s book/assessment, “The Five Love Languages” but did you know he has a follow-up book specifically designed for the workplace called, “The 5 Languages of Appreciation In The Workplace?” Here's a high-level view of what you can expect when you dive into this book and how it will impact your company's culture.
When done right, great storytelling will cut through the noise, get the attention of your potential shoppers or customers, and more importantly, grow your business. If your audience can't tell what you do at first glance, odds are, you are missing an opportunity to connect. Here are 5 common storytelling mistakes made by marketers!
Marketers are the people who craft your brand story, maintain your website, put together your tradeshow collateral, manage your social media platforms, conjure up (hopefully riveting) digital advertising campaigns, champion your public relations efforts, and more. Unfortunately, we often hear from marketers that they do not feel seen, valued, or empowered by the other departments in the business. Here are 4 ways to empower your marketing team!
We take culture seriously at DMA. And when we say culture, we’re not talking about lunch hang-outs or happy hours - although we do love those! We’re talking about our team and the way we work together, co-exist, and work toward shared goals. Allow us to share our three favorite cultural resources with you in hopes that they’ll mean as much to you and your team as they have to ours.
Learn what it means to be resolute and how our team shows up to work every day!
Happy Holidays from the DMA Solutions Team! As we enjoy this most wonderful time of the year, here are 3 lessons for marketers from Buddy the Elf!
Ignite your creative thinking with these simple steps.
Research on the topic of creativity in the workplace seems to converge on the same conclusion: creativity leads to productivity. In this post, we provide statistics to help frame why creativity should be one of your top priorities at your company.
Jessie Donlon shares ways that brands can be more inclusive with their marketing efforts.
Learn how to better serve your consumers with disabilities with these easy social media tips.