The Impact of Press Release Writing on Your Business

When it comes to communications, press releases are one of the most important tools for your brand! Whether you’re looking to share company news, announce a new product, or put out a statement during a possible crisis or recall, press releases continue to stand the test of time. While some may think press releases are “old school,” there are ample reasons to continue relying on this form of communication for your company and brand. Read on to learn what we think are the top three reasons press releases are still powerful!

The Impact of Press Release Writing on Your Business

Press Releases Let YOU Control The Narrative About Your Brand

Maintaining a consistent distribution of press releases and making an effort to keep your brand in the news will help to establish credibility with consumers and your target audience. By releasing important and positive news related to your brand, you can control the narrative and also mitigate any negative press that might be circulating.  The best way to shape the narrative you want to portray is to start with a PR plan. This can include plans for not only releases, but also national, local, or industry-specific outreach! By creating this plan, you can decide what news you want to share and when you want your audience to see it.

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Press Releases Can Help Improve Your SEO Ranking

According to Cision, a press release that is well-written and utilizes SEO best practices will help search engines rank your release. Adding your releases and editorial articles to an online newsroom on your site will also help to drive direct traffic as a result of your public relations efforts. You can also repurpose releases by resharing them on social media, your blog, or any other platforms your company utilizes. While it might feel a bit repetitive, you’re only creating more avenues for your target audience to encounter your news!

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Press Releases Result in Improved Media Relations

Another way to look at a press release is as a nicely packaged gift for journalists! A press release is essentially a document that outlines all the information the media needs to know about whatever news you’re sharing. Journalists should be able to use a press release’s content to write additional coverage or just copy and paste to share with their readers. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for them to take your news and share it with the audience you are trying to reach! So when you are writing a release, be sure to think about all the points that you want to get across to the public and wrap it up in a nice neat package for journalists to use for coverage. This is also a great way to create and grow relationships with the media because you’re essentially making their job a little easier.

There is something to be said about a well-written, timely, newsworthy statement that will continue to be extremely important for your company’s relationships with media and consumers. Are you interested in learning more about how your company could benefit from a press release? Check out our wealth of public relations posts on The Core, or reach out to us for a free marketing consultation. We’d love to help improve your public relations efforts!