3 Tips To Maximize PR Exposure in Lieu of Fresh Summit

With the cancellation of this year’s PMA Fresh Summit, we have to shift our focus. In years past, a marketer’s life leading up to this event was consumed by booth design, marketing, sales collateral, branding updates, new product showcases, and other major tactics in preparation for one of our industry’s biggest events.

A major component to remember is how vital public relations is to both a year where Fresh Summit exists and especially in the year where it doesn’t.

We’ve compiled our top three ways to get your team and brand thinking about PR exposure without a Fresh Summit!


#1: Don’t Let Your News Go To Waste!

Press Release

You worked hard to make sure you showed your best and most innovative products at Fresh Summit. Just because the show is canceled, doesn’t mean you can’t tell the industry about your news! We recommend sharing a press release with any newsworthy and helpful information this month that will encourage buyers to reach out to your sales team. PMA offered the opportunity for brands to upload up to 5 releases to their Digital Press Room, which is an excellent opportunity for additional exposure – now is a great time to reach out and see if this offer still exists!

#2: Use This Time To Get Your Media Assets In Order

Media Kits and Printed Materials

With the additional time that a non-tradeshow month allows, now is the time to get your assets in order! Compile your most recent press release(s) and have them all added to your website (under a Press Room header, if possible), which should include a company logo, media contact, and social media links. Additional company background information, high-resolution images and logos, and new product information should also be made available. If possible, compile all of these assets in a Dropbox link that can be shared via email during or immediately following media outreach.

#3: Prep Your Team

Get camera-ready!

Now is a great time to get some media training in for your team ahead of the new year! A worthwhile media training session will make sure you and your team are prepared to speak with a journalist from any given publication for print and video production. A great interview on camera often means more publicity within publications, and ultimately, more attention on your brand.

Select up to 2 spokespeople from your company

Spokespeople are more often than not your senior leaders and marketers. The goal is to maintain consistency when having people speak on behalf of the brand. What companies should avoid is choosing several different people to speak on camera simply because they are the most available. If you haven’t already, identify who these people are and who should be considered a spokesperson for 2022. 

Be prepared

Always expect to be interviewed, even if you haven’t been asked. As you prepare for what you might tell a journalist, think about the most important information you want your customers and the industry to know – are you launching new products? Is your company investing in new technologies in 2022? Be thinking about what point you would want to get across if you only had 1 minute to share with someone, and if they give you more time, be prepared to share any additional information that you know is helpful. 

#3: Get Ahead of PR in Q4 and the Holidays

Follow up!

Take note of which editors you wanted to stop by your booth and make it a point to check in with them for any quotes, photos, or additional information that they may need. Also, feel free to send along any releases that you may not have been able to send prior to the show happening.

Feel free to reach out to the DMA team if we’re able to support your brand in light of going to Fresh Summit this year! Email info@dma-solutions.com if you have any questions or would like to discuss your PR needs!