Social Media

Gen Z is a growing group of consumers that have built a reliance upon information online and as the next maturing generation, they make up the majority of the opinions that have a significant impact online. Are your marketing efforts ready for the realities that come along with targeting Gen Z? Here's a high-level list of what you need to know to better reach this evolving generation on social media.
Between keeping up with all the different platforms, the constant research of rising trends, and perfecting the art of advertising, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when working with social media. But, don't worry! The DMA social media team runs into these hurdles each and every day and we've rounded up some tips to help you tackle them.
As we quickly approach the Fourth of July weekend, make sure you have a post (or posts) scheduled to capture your audience’s attention on this special day and event. We’ve rounded up 20 social media caption ideas you can use this weekend to drive engagement and connect with your shoppers!
While we're all personally acquainted with social media, that doesn't mean personal profiles work the same way as business profiles. Social media marketing for brands is a different world of opportunity and unlike posting on your personal story, there is a wrong way to go about social media when managing a brand. We've rounded up what not to be on social media to help you avoid common mistakes and plan better, more likable content!
Remember that when you manage social media advertising correctly for your brand or company, you should ultimately be building brand awareness, indicating purchase intent, and driving traffic to your website or online store.  To simplify something that isn’t always so simple, we are giving you a breakdown of social media advertising and providing benchmarks to help you measure success.
Social media advertising allows you to specifically target users, grow your brand's community, and directly track your ROI. This all leads to your brand being seen by a larger audience that is likely to engage with your content. There are numerous types of social media ads you can run to grow your business on social media. We know this can get overwhelming, so to help simplify this information, here is a high-level breakdown of the different types. 
Read more for some practical tips on how to use summertime to your advantage on social media!
Do you want more website traffic for your brand or business? We’ve got three tips on how social media can help boost more traffic to your website!
Tracking metrics like impressions or new followers, are great but engagements provide you the most valuable information to maximize your social media.
Here are 10 of our favorite Facebook posts to drive engagement for your brand.