Social Media

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Brands have a matter of seconds to engage audiences. Instead of screaming your point louder, there are different strategies to breakthrough the noise and help your brand capture the attention of audiences in a more intimate way – social listening.
Social media can be unpredictable, making flexibility and adaptability a key to success for the social media marketer.
If you’ve scrolled through your social media feeds and taken note of a friend’s post, then you’ve interacted with user-generated content.
A brand must understand how to leverage social media analytics appropriately in order to successfully measure their performance.
Why aren’t marketers always considering pop culture and current events when planning social media strategy and creatives? Here’s why you should be.
Some things change, while others stay the same on social media. Understanding what to look for as we end 2019, and how to approach 2020 is more crucial than ever. Check out these resources to learn what you need to be on the lookout for.