Visual Content Options

"There are 94% more views when content has relevant images" - Digital Marketing Institute

DMA produces the following types of visual content to keep your brand fresh and relevant throughout all aspects of your brand's digital marketing including websites, blogs, and social media.

Beauty Shots

Your produce is naturally beautiful, we simply capture its natural attributes.


Be the product that consumers reach for because they trust and recognize your branding.
This can be done through single product shots or include meal inspiration alongside.


Meal Inspiration

All it takes is a spark to light a fire—share meal or snack ideas that will inspire your audience
to get busy with your products in their kitchen.


Recipe Refresh with Stylized Photo

Whether you need help developing recipes or have recipe content that just needs a refresh*, we help
you create relevant recipes and mouthwatering images that become a valuable resource for your
audience and are perfect to drive blog visits and website traffic back to you.

*This is a great opportunity if you have older recipes that you would like to re-surface and make more current with an updated
photo or ingredient tweak.


Capture your products on-the-go to show consumers that your brand can keep up with their busy lifestyles.


We all know that food is the best part of any occasion—keep your products top of mind for these
occasions by creating themed content that engages with popular holidays or events.

Still Movement

It’s okay to make your audience drool a little—catching the perfect drizzle or drop is the key to
creating mouthwatering photography for either meal inspiration or recipe development shots.

Graphic Design

Keep your social feeds fresh with fun, clever, and eye catching graphics that engage
with nutritional tips, current events, or relevant themes.

Graphic Design with Photography

Your brand has a natural personality, bring it out by adding graphics to simple product shots.

Quotes / Stats

Your brand has something to say—Inspire, motivate, or educate with stylized quotes or statistics
that catch your audiences’ eyes and speak to their minds.

Motion Graphic

If a picture says a thousand words than a video says a million. Keep eyes on your content longer and
receive more engagement with eye catching motion graphics.

Motion Graphic with Photography

Mix mediums and showcase your product’s natural look along with it’s
playful or creative side for more consumer engagement.


Hungry consumers buy more of your products, and sometimes all it takes is a
simple stop-motion graphic to ignite that appetite.

Say cheese!

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