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Yes, social media community size is important, but other analytics help make an impact for your brand too. Here’s why successful brands value analytics.
The digital age has us craving personalized experiences, even when we're surfing the web. Make sure website personalization is on your radar for 2020.
As we prepare our own plan for 2020, we’d like to share 19 marketing wins from 2019, comprised of marketing milestones pulled from client and DMA initiatives.
While email marketing as a concept is certainly not new, the way marketers should be thinking about email marketing moving into 2020 certainly should be.
A great way to make the most out of any company announcement or news is to meet with media 1-on-1 to ensure your messaging and talking points get across.
There’s an art to making trade newsletter emails perform at their best. Take a look at these 5 #protips to get your trade newsletters back on track.
Because public relations isn’t as easily measured as other aspects of marketing, it is all the more important for the client and PR team to be aligned when it comes to setting goals for the future.
Because we dedicate our time and talent exclusively to fresh, we have become subject matter experts on the services that we provide, and as a result, we are able to provide an extremely high level of service, achieving measurable results for the companies that engage with us.
Fresh produce marketing looked different in 2004. Produce marketers remained focused on print advertising, faxed price lists and tradeshow participation. We were at the mercy of what retailers and foodservice providers could or would do to position fresh most effectively; that was about to change.
The media furor from the recent romaine recall has died down, but that doesn’t mean that we now have the luxury to return to “business as usual.” This is the ideal time to think critically about how we can better prepare ourselves to mitigate the consequences of food safety scares as they occur.