Public Relations

While all of these things are vital to trade show success, it’s just as important to take advantage of the many Public Relations resources that Fresh Summit offers
Look beyond traditional B2B marketing tools and start using digital storytelling to reach your audiences.
We wanted to share our key takeaways with fresh produce marketers so that you can consider how you’re approaching your PR strategy as well!
Public Relations has the the smallest marketing budget – a stat we’re committed to changing based on these three guiding principles.
In the event that disaster strikes, create a pre-crisis and post-crisis plan in order to best control the public perception of your brand in any situation.
Brands that provide a media kit stand out because it shows that they are going the extra length to connect with media and invest in storytelling
Understand your role as a brand in advance and establish a plan for responding to tragedies with respect. Read these social media best practices.
Public relations should touch almost every area of marketing to support overall success. Here's what fresh produce marketers can do to maximize their PR team.
Fresh produce brands successfully use public relations partly by avoiding #PRFails that brands fall victim due to laziness or desperation. Here are examples!
Take advantage of the many PR resources that Fresh Summit offers to help bring people to your booth and encourage conversation after the show.