Public Relations

Here are a few pitch-worthy points to consider as you plan for 2020 public relations strategy for consumer media.
While some think the press release is dead, we at DMA Solutions soundly disagree. Press releases are an effective way to share newsworthy, timely updates.
Push fresh produce through the clutter of consumer media and craft your pitches for the right people, using the right messaging and capitalizing on trends.
There’s an art to making trade newsletter emails perform at their best. Take a look at these 5 #protips to get your trade newsletters back on track.
A well thought-out email plan tailored to the trade audience can increase the value of your brand and create opportunities for your internal teams.
Because public relations isn’t as easily measured as other aspects of marketing, it is all the more important for the client and PR team to be aligned when it comes to setting goals for the future.
While public relations and college football seem like separate worlds, there are numerous lessons marketers can learn from studying their favorite teams.
The similarities and intersections of work between social media and public relations make it essential for both teams to be in constant communication.
Public relations tactics are ever-changing. Here are some ways to go beyond the press release and surprise the media with branded mailers.
From experiential pitching to editorial calendar planning, we’re outlined key steps for marketers to prepare for Christmas coverage in July.