What You Should Do Now That Fresh Summit is Canceled

Now that the news about Fresh Summit’s cancellation has settled in, the reality that we must delay another year of gathering, networking, and marketing our businesses at the greatest show our industry has to offer, is a major disappointment.  Even though the show will NOT go on this year, your marketing must.  In this post, we’re sharing ways to ensure that your key messages, new product innovations, and news remains top of mind in the fresh produce industry and with your customers.

The fact that you won’t be attending Fresh Summit this year also means that you won’t be spending money on your booth space or travel.  If you think about it, this gives you the perfect opportunity to spend a fraction of the cost that you normally would while continuing to promote your business.

What You Should Do Now That Fresh Summit is Canceled

Take it from me, the person who eats, drinks, and sleeps marketing, now is the BEST time to dive into your marketing headfirst in lieu of a live and in-person Fresh Summit.  Even though people will not be gathering in New Orleans as originally planned, buyers and industry media will still be on the lookout for what’s trending, what’s new, and what’s fresh.  Here’s how we recommend you approach the final months of 2021 capitalizing on this unfortunate cancellation. 

Send a Press Release to Trade Media

Share the story that you planned to tell in New Orleans and wrap it up with a bow to send to trade media in the form of a press release.  Rarely will our friends at the trade publications turn away from a juicy story about a new product, a new hire, an innovation, or a story from someone with an interesting perspective, and now is your time to shine.  

Launch a Clever Advertising Campaign

If your goal was to share a new product story at Fresh Summit, don’t put your product on a shelf without promoting it broadly to the industry first.  Consider creating an advertising campaign and procure digital and/or print advertising with the appropriate staff at our industry’s trade publications.  Create a clever theme or key message and bring it to life in the form of creative design.  Share it with the industry and send the message that you are here to do business, just like you would during the show.

Capitalize on Social Media Advertising

The greatest thing about social media is a marketer’s ability to target the right people at the right time with the right message.  In Q4, consider hosting a social media advertising on Facebook or better yet, LinkedIn to directly speak to your existing and prospective customers.

Create a “Fresh Summit” Email Campaign for Your Customers

The week of Fresh Summit, surprise your customers with a, “Weren’t we supposed to meet in NOLA?” email campaign to pique their interest and give them a chuckle.  Remind them of important messages you want them to know and showcase any new products or information that you think might tempt them to want to learn more.

Build a Custom Landing Page Featuring Your Big News

Why build a big new website when all you need is one page with clear messaging and a call to action? For the things that you were planning to share at your booth during Fresh Summit, build a dedicated landing page that hosts the messaging, products, news, and the whole nine yards on an affordable landing page that serves an immediate purpose.  Complete your landing page with a call to action like a “call us now” or “find out more” button that leads your website visitors to take action after being intrigued by the information you’ve presented on the page.

Believe it or not, we are full of ideas like this at DMA.  We’d enjoy the opportunity to talk with you more about what you can and should do sans Fresh Summit and are happy to help.  Contact us if you want to learn more!