Brands often overlook the importance of creating, having, and sharing a simple messaging guide that explains the who, why, and what for a company or brand.  We believe that branding and messaging are the right places for marketers to start when considering "how to improve marketing efforts" before spending money on other typical marketing activations. Here are the benefits you might expect to receive as a result of having a messaging guide created for your company or brand.
Marketers are the people who craft your brand story, maintain your website, put together your tradeshow collateral, manage your social media platforms, conjure up (hopefully riveting) digital advertising campaigns, champion your public relations efforts, and more. Unfortunately, we often hear from marketers that they do not feel seen, valued, or empowered by the other departments in the business. Here are 4 ways to empower your marketing team!
While email marketing over the summer can feel like a challenge with everyone on vacation and your inbox filling up with more and more out-of-office replies, it doesn’t mean you should shy away from connecting with your audience. We want to provide you with four tips on how to make your email campaigns as hot as the summer sun, so we're sharing the inside scoop on how to increase engagement with your audience.
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