The back to school season is upon us and we've rounded up helpful information that marketers need to know to prepare for a successful season.
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We spoke with a few of the influencers we’ve partnered with on behalf of our clients to talk about how this pandemic is shaping their content.
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When looking to partner with influencers, ensure they are authentic and real fans of the brand so that you have an effective partnership.
This is why your brand marketing strategy should include leveraging nutrition experts as advocates for your fresh produce brand.
Like with other bona fide public relations catastrophes, the one positive element is that we marketers can learn from them—without actually having to go through the ordeals ourselves.
When you hear a song for the first time, do you pay close attention to the lyrics? I know I don’t! Choosing influencers for your brand is just like learning song lyrics – it’s all about the details, details, details.
When determining whether influencer marketing is an ideal strategy for your brand, it’s important to review both pros and cons, but make sure you aren't falling victim to these four myths about influencers.
We still firmly believe in sending out press releases as a part of your overall marketing strategy, but there is a time and a place – and etiquette – in doing so. Before you hit that send button, here are a couple of things to consider in regards to releasing news to the trade or consumer media.