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Posted by Lauren MillerOctober 21, 2021 6:15 AM

One of the biggest mistakes we see is when companies decide to invest in marketing as a last resort. They're in the middle of a slump, a crisis, a downturn, and realize marketing may just be their saving grace. While marketing can certainly help turn these efforts around, deciding to invest in marketing services year-round is the most fail-safe method out there. If you're unsure of when the best time is to pull the trigger on hiring a marketing service, don't worry - we'll answer that for you!   

When companies take the leap and invest in marketing, they're setting themselves up for success. Consider these as prime-time opportunities to invest in your company and your brand with marketing.

Planning For The Year Ahead


We've found marketing helps achieve a myriad of goals across a company; from sales to media and more. When looking ahead at the goals your company is creating for the 2022 - 2023 budget year (and we know you're creating aggressive ones), consider adding skilled marketers to your bench. The success that comes with positive marketing results can affect everything from online to in-store sales, share of voice against competitors, and more. All goals we know your company is working toward.

Preparing For A New Product Or Service Launch


If you know a new product or service announcement and launch is on the way, we recommend engaging with a marketing service 3-5 months ahead of when a launch is planned. It may seem premature, but giving your marketing team and/or agency this notice ahead of time will set them up for your success. The additional time will be used wisely to create a plan that will maximize exposure for the impending product or service with your current customer base as well as introduce it to a new one. 

When You Want To Generate Industry News


Feeling left out of industry conversations that are taking place? Consider sharing a press release with industry trade media to get the news you want and need to push your business and your sales forward.  Of the services that our marketing team provides, press releases are likely one of the most nimble and cost-effective solutions we offer to companies in need of positioning, writing, and distribution of important news.

When Your Brand Needs A Boost


Whether it's a sales or awareness slump you're in with customers or consumers, expert marketing consultation can help pull you out of your slump and have you back on your feet in no time. The ebb and flow of company engagement with the public and direct customers are completely normal, so getting ahead of it with a consistent marketing plan in place will help you avoid any of these pitfalls that companies can sometimes find themselves in. 

If Your Company Doesn't Have a Brand or Messaging Guide


Feel like you're missing a more cohesive messaging that the company can use both externally and internally? It's more common than you think. We're seeing brands with inconsistent messaging across their website and in the materials they're sharing with retailers, the media, and more. Investing in a brand and/or messaging guide will be worthwhile as it applies to all areas of the business and in anything related to the communication of your brand to others.

When Your Website Is Outdated Or You Have No Idea How To Measure Analytics


You invested in a beautiful website, and now a few years have passed and you're seeing your competitors roll out shiny new websites that make you feel vulnerable. Today and for the foreseeable future, websites remain the central point for online traffic to connect with your brand.  So whether you're selling to other businesses or direct to consumers, having a website that looks and feels up to current standards from a user experience perspective, the investment in an updated website is necessary. We also know that once a website is launched, managing analytics and reporting important metrics to prove that your brand and company are in demand, is not something every marketer has the time to do.  A skilled marketing team will be able to set goals for your website that you can strive to achieve and tee you up to look like a rock star marketer to your leadership team.

If Social Media Is A Mystery To Your Business


Does social media feel like an ever-changing media that seems impossible to keep up with on your own, let alone for your company? That's because it is! We understand how the social media landscape works and we know that it now takes a full-time employee to see to the management of a successful and careful social media presence for a brand.  Consider hiring an experienced social media team capable of assessing what is working, what isn't and help you get a plan for success in this ever-changing medium.

At DMA, we would enjoy the opportunity to talk with you more about your interest in marketing if that's a route you're looking to venture into soon (or in the future!). Contact us if you want to chat more!


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